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The ultimate objective is to establish a global network dedicated to optimizing preconception care in order to reduce maternal and child mortality and morbidity, thereby contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, by:

  • raising awareness of preventable risks to the health of future parents and children, that need to be addressed before pregnancy;
  • bringing relevant international stakeholders together;
  • contributing to global awareness and prevention programs to reduce common known risks of adverse health effects for the parents to be, the fetus or neonate;
  • supporting countries/governments in identifying the options for preconception care and implementing structural programs;
  • bringing together the human and financial resources necessary for the implementation of Preparing for Life activities.


To achieve the agreed goals, PfL strives to work catalytic; identifying the responsible persons, institutions and organizations and to motivate, support and facilitate them to deliver the needed actions and/or services. PfL works in close collaboration with the WHO and other international bodies.